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Fund formation is a core component of our practice, and we have helped launch over 200 hedge funds, private equity funds, venture capital funds, real estate funds, and other private investment vehicles targeting unique asset classes and employing bespoke investment strategies.  Through years of broad and deep experience we can offer comprehensive advice in structuring and launching your private investment fund.


Once a private equity sponsor has raised capital and begins to execute its investment strategy, it will enter into numerous transactions and contractual agreements.  Providing constructive legal advice, and taking responsibility for managing a set of legal documents through closing, is how we add value to the transactional process.  Whether a simple bridge financing, a later round equity offering, or a complicated cross-border merger or joint venture, we provide candid high-level legal counsel from start to finish.


Our investor side representation perfectly complements our sponsor side representation, and gives us a special understanding of "market terms" when representing our institutional, family office, and high net worth clients investing into alternative investment funds.  We are consistently called upon to help facilitate general partner / limited partner negotiations, and can bring value and efficiently to the investment process.


Family offices may differ in many ways, but have at least one thing in common – they demand a legal counselor that has the depth and breadth of experience to offer seasoned and nuanced advice to family members.  To become that trusted inside adviser takes an attorney who has the skill and patience to listen carefully to the family's objectives, and to then demonstrate expertise, discretion, and loyalty in executing the plan.  We began working with family offices in the late 1980's and can bring years of experience in representing your family office.



Navigating the intersection of state and federal regulation of investment advisers is complicated and nuanced.  One oversight can create costly delays to a fund launch, private equity, or M&A transaction, or add significant expense to an otherwise routine regulatory filing.  We help our clients by providing seasoned yet practical guidance to anticipate and stay in front of increasingly burdensome regulatory filings and compliance issues.


The private equity fund business has over the past 25 years become a global financial force channeling enormous pools of capital into investment opportunities around the world.  Having international investment exposure can create increased returns, but not without additional risks.  We have been actively engaged on international transactions for more than 25 years providing valuable legal insight and counsel to help identify risks and reduce exposure.

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